1. Which is The Better Phone - Samsung Galaxy S7 or The iPhone 7

    To utilize an exhausted cliche, Samsung has had a year of two divides. It had a phone that was improved than the HTC 10, improved than the Huawei P9 and it's still improved than the iPhone 7. Is it sufficient to make you think twice about trading a Samsung device? Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Online is still the finest phone we've assessment this year. However, the exploding Galaxy Note 7 ground and Samsung took a bit of ...
  2. Is a Samsung Galaxy s a phone

    How do you fix a Samsung Galaxy S phone charger port?
    If your USB charger port is broken on your Samsung Galaxy S phone, you will have to disassemble your whole phone, and solder a new connector on to the phone's motherboard.

    What phone ...
  3. Service by Samsung Mobile Service Centre After Sales

    The employees in these service centers are trained well on how to deal with each issue in these after-sales of the products of Samsung. This builds more trust and confidence in the existing clients as well as attracts more prospective customers towards the brand. Any Samsung mobile service centre in Mumbai and other locations in the country makes sure to use only the genuine parts of the brand during the repair works.

    The ...
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  4. Galaxy S10 chip kills it in our early Snapdragon 855 benchmarking tests

    Can you have a iPhone 4 case on an iPhone 4s?
    It depends. If the case is for CDMA models (Verizon) then yes, it will fit because when Apple made the Verizon iPhone 4 they upgraded it to be slightly different, and that is the shape all iPhone 4S's are now. iPhone 4 are very similar in shape with iPhone... If the iPhone 4 case is for the GSM model (ATpadding:10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;">Will the old iPhone 4 otterbox defender case work with the iPhone 4S?
    im pretty sure it ...
  5. What is the difference between the iPhone and iPhone 4

    Where can you buy the Samsung gravity 2?
    you can buy the samsung gravity 2 from any retail store like tmobile sprint verison and at&t. but the phone company has to make that phone.

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