1. Women's World Cup: USA vs. England memes score big

    "Second, with the cyberspace being a highly virtual one filled with multiple actors whose behaviors are difficult to trace, one should present abundant evidence when investigating and determining the nature of a cyberspace activity," the Chinese embassy said in an email. "Making groundless accusations are neither professional nor responsible."

    Yes, people did notice that the match was being played just two days before America's Independence Day, why do you ask? ...
  2. Stranger Things season 3: Rad '80s details you might have missed

    The team extracted organic material from 10 wooden fragments and 4 burned stones and analyzed the objects using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, which separates chemicals so they can be more easily identified.

    Orange Julius rules the mall
    No self-respecting US shopping mall in the 1980s would be caught without an Orange Julius location, and the Hawkins, Indiana, iqos parliament Starcourt Mall is no exception. Those things are crazy-good.) In the second episode of season ...